Who wrote the tweets this week for @realDonaldTrump?

Donald Trump probably doesn't write every tweet from @realDonaldTrump himself. Our analysis is focused on the tweets he most likely wrote, using our own scoring algorithm to detect his language, timing and Twitter habits. This week's counts are above.

The greatest words never go out of style.

Previous winners of the word of the week are listed below, but feel free to check out our real time Tweetboard for up-to-the-minute charts and statistics based on our unique scoring algorithm that looks to separate Mr. Trump's tweets from those of his staffers. We are keeping full stats since his inauguration, and still exploring a more full data set from the beginning of Mr. Trump's Twitter usage on our All-Time Tweetboard.

How often does he tweet? Week-by-week numbers.

How often are we actually getting words directly from Mr. Trump on Twitter? Week-by-week totals for each week in the last 100 days are above.

He knows words. The best words.

Mr. Trump seems to pride himself on developing the perfect catch-phrase or nickname to capture a person or institution -- particularly in the context of attacking a core vulnerability. We are tracking a few nicknames here and counting their appearances in tweets in the last 100-days:

Keep your friends close... and your enemies in Tweets.

We're tracking Mr. Trump's mentions of key enemies on Twitter. The chart below shows totals so far for the last 100 days, updated weekly. Sadly, Ted Cruz typically can't even get on this list. But there's still hope for many more to make it. We'll add people to this list as warranted, which will likely be often.

Now brought to you in real time.

Check out our real time Tweetboard. You can see up-to-the minute statistics, along with every tweet and who our algorithm believes wrote it. Enjoy several fancy charts like this one, with more to come.

Statistics and features that are too special for real-time.

We've got a variety of statistics on our real-time tweetboard (updated every minute), but we're updating a special set of info and features on a regular basis on our blog. See the update schedule here (all times Eastern US), and check back for additional features to come.

Update schedule for regular Trump features:

Feature Name Description Update Schedule
Trump Haiku A haiku using only words likely tweeted by Donald Tump, written by a computer (using a Markovian algorithm). The first of each month
Trump Word of the Week The top words used in tweets likely from Donald Trump in the previous week, with weekly stats (this page). Every Monday at noon
Trump Enemies Number of mentions Donald Trump makes of each of his key enemies in tweets each week. Every Wednesday at noon
Trump Time Average time of Donald Trump's first tweet each week, along with times of his earliest tweet each day. Every Friday at noon
Nicknames The top nicknames used by Donald Trump each week on Twitter. Every Sunday at noon

About this site

Donald Trump famously said in late 2016, "I know words, I have the best words." This site's goal is to analyze the words he uses in public forums, particularly on Twitter. Please feel free to check back often, and for regular updates and analysis, follow us on Twitter.

More features soon! Feel free to reach out with questions or feedback: trumptweettrack@gmail.com